Hardcore FPS Escape From Tarkov will let you impact in the in-game economy, EVE-style

Escape From Tarkov

We already knew Escape From Tarkov was going to be about a bit more than clicking on heads, but we didn’t realise it was going to have a complex, layered economy made up of several currencies with fluctuating exchange rates, all of which you can apparently impact with your actions.

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As you explore new in-game locations, Escape From Tarkov will unlock new traders in the trading menu, all of which you can build relationships with, positive or negative.

Each has their own schedule and will host discounts, change stock, adjust their prices, get sick, or perhaps even die. Luckily, you can take their place, as Escape From Tarkov also allows players to set up a store of their own.

You can only set up shop once you have gained enough trust with other merchants, and you’ll be responsible for keeping it stocked, otherwise you might go bankrupt. Oh, and you have to pay taxes.

There will also be a flea market where players can put stuff up for sale for a 24 hour period. Let’s hope it doesn’t all descend into real-world currency madness.

Thanks, Gamespot.