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Escape From Tarkov is getting a brand-new city map

The new Escape from Tarkov map was unveiled at the PC Gaming Show

Battlestate Games has just unveiled a brand-new map heading to its MMO FPS games Escape From Tarkov during the live PC Gaming Show conference. The new map was revealed in a brief new gameplay clip of a player stepping through a new, deserted-looking set for buildings and city streets. According to a new teaser clip (included below) it’s called Streets of Tarkov, and is the “biggest and most detailed location ever… it’s an attempt to simulate a modern city,” according to COO Nikita Buyanov.

Buyanov told host Sean ‘Day[9]’ Plott the Streets of Tarkov map will include plenty of explorable buildings – and buildings feature heavily in the new footage. Most of what can be seen are apartments that have apparently been vacated very recently, with lamps on and residents’ belongings scattered about.

He also provided a few hints about what’s coming in Escape from Tarkov’s 12.7 patch, including a new boss NPC called the Senator (who apparently can heal himself), and an expansion to the map Customs that will expand the physical area by “30 or even 40 percent.”

Here’s the new teaser trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

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