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We know you love PC games - now tell us how much you love esports, too

We'd love you to tell just how much you're into esports by filling out our quick reader survey

Well, hello there! If you’re looking at this page right here, we’re guessing you’re a bit of a PC games fan. That, or you’re inexplicably drawn to the colour orange (like us). Either way, we’re very glad you’re here. And, we’d like to take this opportunity to get to know you a little better – specifically, how much you’re into esports.

As you might know, our sister site The Loadout covers all things competitive gaming – esports, streaming, and internet culture included – but we’re also keen to know what you lovely PCGN reader folk think about it, too. For example, would you say you’re a fan of esports? If so, where do like to grab your daily dose of esports news? Do you play esports games? Which are your favourites? As you can see, we have a fair few questions we’d love to ask you.

Which brings us to our new reader survey, included below. It won’t take long to complete (probably around five minutes), and it’ll touch on topics relating to your consumption of esports, such as where, and how often, you get your esports information, and how much you watch or play esports games.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a huge esports fan, that would still be handy for us to know, so please feel free to fill out the survey, too! You can hop in via the embed below if you’d like to take the survey:

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Thanks for your time if you do decide to fill it out – and, if not, perhaps we can interest you in the vast array of top notch PC gaming goodies on the site? Do get cosy and take a look around while you’re here – there’s a ton of great stuff to sink your little gnashers into.