Eternal Step asks you to climb an endless tower filled with monstrous bosses

Eternal Step

If you’re looking to grab a new roguelike right now, then let us usher you in the direction of Eternal Step. It’s out today, and is a fiendishly difficult battle taken floor-by-floor through an endless tower.

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Eternal Step’s endless tower is made by randomly selecting new floors as you ascend, with over 100 different floors to be inserted. Each floor is filled with fiendish monsters and tough boss battles. Surviving them provides you with loot cards and skills to help tailor your character to your idea play style.

The pixel art design is lovely and fluid, producing an almost 80s cartoon vibe to the action.

The game is published by Green Man Loaded, so it can of course be bought from GMG. It’s over on Steam too, if that’s your preference.