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An eternity of Kickstater: Obsidian might launch another campaign this year

Another Obsidian Kickstarter

Obsidian’s got the Kickstarter bug. Not content with raising over $4 million for Pillars of Eternity on Kickstarter and beyond, the Knights of the Old Republic II and South Park: The Stick of Truth developer is planning another one. 

Head honcho Feargus Urquhart told CVG that the developer should have another Kickstarter launched by the end of the year. "I'll give you a spoiler: it's an RPG," said Urquhart. 

Started in autumn, 2012, the Pillars of Eternity (then known as Project Eternity) Kickstarter got triple what Obsidian asked for. It was impressive, in the days before Star Citizen. It still is impressive. 

My confidence in Obsidian’s ability - which has always seemed great, but hampered by publisher problems and working with buggy engines - has soared since South Park: The Stick of Truth. Initially with THQ and then with Ubisoft, Obsidian finally managed to make a polished, ambitious RPG that fundamentally worked. 

But maybe the prospect of having a second project free from the clutches of a publisher is too good to pass up. Obsidian already has the idea for it’s next Kickstarter. “I think we've got a good idea. I'm not going to share anything, but a few times in my career I have these things where I say, 'hey, that's a cool idea!' and I've generally been right. So I think this one's going to be a cool thing.”

Well, until later this year then. But until that time, why not randomly speculate. Suggestions, people?

Cheers, CVG.

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MrJinxed avatar
MrJinxed Avatar
3 Years ago

I've backed quite a few kickstarters and early access games, but I must admit I'm done until I see something release. I've also back this one, and while the flow of information has been good, and I'm in no way doubting they're on track, I hesitate to back another before I see this one out lest it turn into an inXile farce with over a year passing and them STILL not having even started developing one of the games I backed, and the one they are developing have gone into full milking mode on steam with early access.

Crowdfunding was great, but they're screwing it up themselves by never releasing the products, or by delaying them well beyond what is reasonable.