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Europa Universalis IV announced, but is it big enough?


It turns out that Paradox Development Studios are only going to be putting 250 nations into their fourth iteration of Europa Universalis IV, which will be playable across a span of just 300 years and populated by a mere 4000 rulers. Honestly, Paradox, would you display at least some ambition?

Paradox must think that games just aren’t big enough, that the world isn’t big enough. They must look at a globe and be frustrated by the petty limitations that our modest planet imposes on the grand strategy titles they make. They’re probably frustrated by the modest proportions and lack of complexity in everything they encounter in their daily lives. This surely explains why, as well as being enormous in scope and complex in gameplay, EU IV will also boast full mod support, a new and very pretty topographical map a la Crusader Kings and matchmaking multiplayer made for up to 32 monarchs.

There’s more pictures to see and more information to inhale on Paradox’s official website.