Europa Universalis IV Rights of Man expansion out October 11

Europa Universalis IV

The latest trailer for Europa Universalis IV’s Rights of Man expansion reveals the add-on is due out October 11. The expansion will bring a number of new features to the strategy game, most of which will allow players to bully other, smaller nations into acting how you’d like them to in new and belittling ways.

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Diplomacy is chief among the new features coming to the game as part of the Rights of Man add on, with players being able to coerce other nations by using their status, especially if they’re considered a Great Power. Similarly there are a host of new instructions that colonial empires can give to their subject nations during war, and Great Powers can even end some conflicts simply by entering on one side.

Effectively, the new features add much much greater depth to the already sizable grand strategy game. More personality will make its way into the game too, in form of Ruler Traits – a system that will be familiar to Civilization players – that will grant specific bonuses to your nation depending on your designated leader.

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