Europa Universalis IV The Cossacks has invaded the PC

Europa Universalis IV Cossacks

Europa Universalis IV now has six expansion packs. Six! If your current crusade across Paradox’s europe map is still lacking something, today’s new Cossacks expansion may add just what you need: mostly diplomacy options from big-wig groups such as the Cossacks and the Magnates.

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The new expansion lets you fight a war of words, such as making public announcements about what territories you’re considering invading, which can be used to encourage allies to come along and help you. New colonial policies help keep those far-away area under control through the use of trading, assimilation, or subjugation, and espionage options allow you to spy on other nation’s technological progress.

The expansion will also add The Leaderboard, which tracks your progress against other players to prove just who the best ruler person is.

The Cossacks expansion for Europa Universalis IV is out today on Steam.