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EVE Online to drop expansions, shifts gear to six week update schedule

EVE Online

EVE Online is changing its update schedule, CCP has announced at their EVE Online keynote presentation, beginning with a ‘Kronos’ update in June. The MMO will shift from bundling all of its new content into two expansions per year to updating regularly on a six week basis.

The change will mean the end of milestone updates, such as the previously seen Rubicon and Retribution expansions, and allows the development team to be “more agile” in how they develop new content.

Kronos, the first of these six weekly updates to EVE Online, will be particularly hefty as it was originally planned as an old-style expansion. Subsequent updates to EVE Online may be smaller or larger, with enough flexibility for the developers to more quickly react to player feedback, introduce new features and generally be more ambitious with the kinds of changes being made.

EVE FanFest runs until Saturday evening and is showing off virtual reality spacefighter EVE Valkyrie, as well as CCP’s new free-to-play shooter Project Legion.