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Eve Online kicks off the Amarr Empire’s week-long Foundation Day celebration

Login bonuses, daily activities, and a titan parade await in Eve Online's Amarr Foundation Day festivities

A woman in a gold uniform stands against a backdrop of gold ships emerging from a solar corona over a dark planet in an Eve Online promotional image.

Another Eve Online Foundation Day celebration is set to kick off, and this time it’s the Amarr. The Amarr Empire is the largest in New Eden, comprising 40% of the galaxy’s inhabited star systems. The free to play space game’s festivities run through August 12, and it’s a chance to learn more about Amarr history and religion, complete new daily challenges, and take advantage of some limited-time offers.

The Amarr Foundation Day activities include daily challenges that you can complete to earn skill points, which you’ll also receive in exchange for visiting the Amarr titan parades and showering them with fireworks. You can find these parades taking place regularly at Amarr, Ardishapur Prime, Kador Prime, Khanid Prime, Kor-Azor Prime, Sarum Prime, and Tash-Murkon Prime. Members of the Amarr can visit new holy monument sites in Thebeka, Seminar, and Uplingur, and a warp speed boost is in place in Amarr space for the duration of the festival in order to help you get around efficiently.

You’ll also find mining blitz sites opening up in the Anidaza (Tash-Murkon), San Matar (Derelik), and Sosarir (Domain) constellations. Participating in these will earn you loyalty points that can be used to unlock new ship SKINs for the Crucifier, Dragoon, and Prophecy.

Here’s the trailer:

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A new Foundation Day celebration means another new Proving Grounds, and this time around you’ll be playing four-player free-for-all Omen brawls, with modules limited to meta 4 and below. This Omen FFA also doesn’t allow any resistance boosters, including anti-EM and anti-thermal rigs, developer CCP says.

The four-player Omen free-for-all runs August 6-10. If you need a skills boost, you can use the Amarr Foundation Day Expert System and try out the Amarr’s distinctive attack cruiser.

If you’re just starting out, our Eve Online beginner’s guide can help you get your bearings in its vast and complex universe.