CCP producer wants to empower EVE Online players and bring in new ones

CCP plans

EVE Online has, since its inception, been a game where players are in control. While most MMOs are heavily scripted and players can only affect the world in fleeting, temporary ways, New Eden is filled with player driven stories and events. 

But EVE’s new executive producer, Andie Nordgren – previously a technical producer – wants to empower players even more. In an interview with Polygon, she explained that she wants to give players even more of the universe, giving them more control and hopefully expanding the community. 

CCP are investing more in third-party development tools, Nordgren offers as an example of them giving more power to the community. “Today we provide a number of tools for players to get data from the game and build tools on top of that,” she said. “That’s really part of the experience for any established EVE player. We’re working to give them further possibilities.”

Just as CCP lets players craft their own experiences in the game with minimal interference, they want to see what players come up with using these new tools.

Twitch, and other methods of sharing experiences, is another way the developer wants to players to share their stories and adventures in space. “We want to make even more ways for players to capture and grab hold of something that happened in the game that they can then talk about outside the game,” Nordgren said. “Some of those stories will not only be interesting to players inside the game, but you will always also get the stories that resonate with a wider group of people. So it’s about giving our players the tools to grab hold of and export what happened to them in the game and let them tell that story.”

Through this, Nordgren hopes to increase the accessibility of EVE, rather than through tutorials, which so far have not proved to be particularly effective.

Cheers, Polygon.