Eve Online’s browser version is now available to everyone

Now you can play Eve Online's browser based version, even if you don't have an active Omega subscription - but it will cost you some Plex

A thrasher crosses a large asteroid with an orange nebula's cloud covering the background, and a blue laser beam streaks by in Eve Online

Eve Online is one of those MMORPGs that tends to worm its way into your daily life – checking in with your corp, monitoring trades and market prices, and even just snagging daily login bonuses can easily turn into regular rituals. Now it’s even easier to indulge the urge, as Eve Anywhere lets you play Eve in just about any web browser, even if you’re an alpha (free-to-play) clone. You will, however, have to pay for the privilege.

Eve Anywhere has been open to Omega subscribers for the past several months in beta, but now it’s available to Alpha players as well. Built in collaboration with Intel, Eve Anywhere lets you login to your Eve Online account in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge and play Eve Online as you normally would from client software installed on your PC.

While you won’t need to install anything, CCP says you’ll need an internet connection of 25Mbps or higher, and server capacity is limited – although the company says that will increase over time, along with the number of countries where the Eve Anywhere service is available. If you’re an Alpha player, you’ll also need some PLEX – each 24 hours of Eve Anywhere costs 30 PLEX, which works out to be around $1.50 USD / £1.20.

Omega players who have been trying Eve Anywhere out since late last year have said the service works surprisingly well, and it’s a great solution if you’re traveling or don’t have access to your gaming PC for some other reason.

CCP says it uses cloud computing to make Eve Anywhere work, and that you should be able to perform any of your usual Eve tasks in the browser version: mining, trading, or (perhaps) participating in an 18-month war that spans half the galaxy.

To launch Eve Anywhere, just head to the official site and click ‘Play in Browser.’ You’ll be able to log in or purchase PLEX from the prompts that follow. For more online fun check our guide to the best browser games.