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Eve Online is going free-to-play in November 2016

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The mandatory monthly subscription for EVE Online is changing, allowing new players to play the game for free via the game’s forthcoming Clone States update. The premise for the change is that clones have become so easy to manufacture that the various empires of New Eden have decided to allow people to create clones for free. These cheap clones - or, Alpha state clones - will have limited skills and a slower rate of training than their subscription paying counterparts. Despite this, they will still be able to use the most popular ships in the game, fight in enormous space battles and mine for resources. The change is explained in the above video.

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EVE’s subscription model will still exist in the form of Omega state clones, which, like current subscribers, have access to the game's full range of skills and a standard rate of training. Better still, if your subscription runs out and you don’t wish to renew it, you’ll still be able to play EVE as an Alpha state clone; you won’t lose your skills, they’ll just be locked off until you subscribe again.

The announcement is being marked by an open development phase. This is intended to ensure that CCP develop the Clone State update alongside its audience by putting the EVE Council in direct communication with the players.

EVE free November

The reason behind adding a free option is outlined in a CCP blog post that you can read here. “As you know, EVE is a very special game. Our single shard server means that every player truly affects every other, whether through economics, resource gathering, direct combat or bad posting. This in turn means that our universe is more interesting, more exciting and more dangerous with each additional citizen.

“we’ve been doing everything we can to bring more people into our spectacular sandbox. Part of our vision for the future of EVE has included more open access for some time, but with the interconnected nature of the game comes vulnerability. We knew that if the floodgates were opened in the wrong way, we could see anything from server meltdowns to the collapse of the EVE economy.”

The free-to-play option will launch as a part of a broader expansion that’s planned for November. This update will also add Industrial Arrays - a player-built structure designed to meld with Citadels - a new ship and tweaks to warfare links.

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0V3RKILL avatarShadowized avatarAkeldama avatarholmesc avatar
Shadowized Avatar
1 Year ago

I'm pretty sure this will kill EVE as it will piss off the remaining playerbase, while at the same time still struggling with its biggest problem of player retention that CCP is seemingly incapable of solving. I'd like to believe otherwise, really, but facts are facts, and the "universe" in EVE has become nothing more than a NAP / blob snoozefest. player numbers have stagnated and declined since I quit and sold my account off in 2009, you can see so yourself at eve-offline.net

I played on and off for 5 or so years (with an active sub training skills), doing literally everything in the game, and the most enjoyment I found was in small roaming nano gangs before the repeated speed nerfs, I suspect that new players will try the game, be overwhelmed and simply quit once they realize that training a specific skill to level5 can and will literally take them 30+days or longer depending on that "slower rate of training" they mention, which goes back to the player retention issues I mentioned earlier.

and even then, if you reach the sweet spot of 20-30m skillpoints, and can comfortably fly most things you enjoy at an acceptable level, you simply lose interest in the game because the fun you first experienced is no longer there, the heart racing sensation of tackling your first player ship and blowing it up, and getting hatemail from the guy you killed simply fades away and then all you're left with is repetition. or worse, your favorite ship gets nerfed to the ground and you wasted a couple of months training for it, with CCP telling you to hold your hands on your ass.

I could go on about EVE for ages as I have some amazing memories from it, that some new games can only wish to scratch the surface of, but they are just that. memories.

Akeldama Avatar
1 Year ago

How would opening the game up to the entire population of the gaming community kill a game? lol Would you like a tinfoil hat?

Shadowized Avatar
1 Year ago

perhaps you should... oh I dont know, maybe read my comment to figure that one out, I explained it quite clearly.

but in-case you still can't grasp it, EVE has a huge issue with PLAYER RETENTION, most people stop playing even before their trial expires, or a few months after that at best, and they don't come back. they don't even talk about it. its like some dark time in their life.

I'm sure this can be best summarized with some analogy about a boat with a hole in it (EVE), and splashing more water on said boat (players) somehow magically fixing the hole in the boat?

holmesc Avatar
1 Year ago

This will kill eve just like it killed face of mankind

0V3RKILL Avatar
1 Year ago

good news. Ill get it as soon as it goes free2play.