Watch us try to figure out Eve Online in episode one of our free-to-play beginner’s guide

EVE Online Let's Play

By beginners, for beginners: that’s our (hugely flawed) motto. As you may have read about, Eve Online’s latest expansion, Ascension, just made the game free to play. Those wishing to pay a monthly subscription still get extra ships and skills, but essentially CCP’s universe has just opened its doors – or whatever universes have to keep drafts out – to all and sundry after 13 years of paywalls. That means a lot of beginners are trying it out right now. Beginners like the absolute badass you see above.

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In truth, Jordan and Phil got a bit distracted by the in-depth character creator and its propensity for spitting out frontmen of forgotten early ’00s nu-metal acts, but there is at least some space action in episode one to complement the body modification and cornrow-honing.

If you’ve only heard the stories of massive hundred-player space battles and complex economic events, you’ll be relieved to know that Eve is also a game about piloting a space craft and making stuff explode. That much was made clear in the game’s very first tutorial, which acquiants you with the basic movement and combat controls while sneaking in a bit of basic lore.

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