Watch us get angry at a misbehaving AI in episode two of our Eve Online beginner’s guide

EVE Online f2p let's play

With Eve Online’s recent transition to life as a free-to-play game – opening it up to a wider audience after 13 years of subscription fees – we thought we’d dive in ourselves and give you a by beginners, for beginners guide to the enormous space MMO. That might be a massively flawed approach, but as evidenced by the popularity of fail compilations, massively flawed approaches make for good viewing.

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Without the game’s character creator to distract them, Phil and Jordan jump right into the game’s advanced tutorial section… and die almost immediately. Never mind that though because apparently Eve Online is more forgiving than we thought, letting the duo take on the pirate colony once again, haphazardly getting to grips with space combat and dodging clouds of poisonous gas in the process.

There’s also a lot of anger directed at mischevious ship AI Aura, who decides to mislead space PCGamesN’s resident space noobs when they most need her help. Episode three promises to be especially frosty.

If you missed the first episode (AKA The Making of Scyther Williams), you can watch it below.

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