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Eve Online gets an new opening cinematic, showing the birth of a capsuleer

Eve Online Capsuleer

Previewed at Eve Fanfest earlier this week, CCP Games have released Eve Online’s new opening cinematic. Showing the birth of a new capsuleer and their first few moments in New Eden, this cutscene seeks to not only bring fresh players into the fold, but entice veterans back to the life of a capsuleer.

Learn how CCP is training new players for the dangers of null-sec space.

Described as “flesh fused with power beyond mortal limits”, a capsuleer can enjoy quite the stress-free while in the confines of their empire’s starting zone. However, once you blast off into the uncharted sectors of New Eden, get ready to face the might of player-run corporations, roving pirate bands and the hyper-vigilant CONCORD security forces who will show no remorse in turning your shiny new ship into a pile of scrap.

Luckily, life is never really over as a capsuleer. While you may lose all your precious PLEX and have your ship stolen by a group of cutthroat raiders, New Eden’s advanced cloning technology means that a capsuleer can always come back from the dead and continue their adventure across the stars. It pays to take out insurance for your ship in Eve Online, in case of any ‘accidents’ while travelling between space stations. Just beware of loan sharks looking to take a starry-eyed capsuleer for everything they have.

It’s interesting that this cinematic places so much emphasis on the “sacred act” of fusing a capsuleer and a ship, when both are so expendable in Eve Online. When you have crews of bandits mercilessly hunting down any poor saps that enter null-sec space and giant corporations throwing bodies at their problems, you’ll quickly learn that Eve’s universe is a heartless place.

It’s a sweeping trailer nonetheless, matching the endless opportunity that’s available for new players taking their first steps as a capsuleer. Eve Online is now free to play, so give it a try to see if you can make a name for yourself in the universe of New Eden.