Eve Online Operation Frostline kicks off 2016 storyline and introduces many new ships


Eve Online’s series of updates continues, this time with a little bit of story support in the form of Operation Frostline. In the player-driven world of Eve Online this means new missions to run against a pirate threat, supporting the definitely-not-evil mercenary faction Mordu’s Legion. The closer your name is to the words “murder legion”, the nicer you are, that’s how it works. A trailer introduces them, your new enemies and what to do to blow them all up.

MMOs: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the best ones available.

To help battle against them in the name of trained voice actors everywhere, there’s 13 new ships been added. This includes a whole new class named Command Destroyers that can drag smaller ships into warp with them, redeploying whole squads rapidly. There’s also new mining vessels designed for long-range, and support vessels for everything from logistics to healing your fellow giant metal space coffin.

The previously teased graphical updates also came with this patch, adding kill marks to ships to show off PvP victories more accurately. Everything else has been touched up in some way, most of it so minute only the hardest of hardcore players will notice, but that’s what keeps an MMO special. I remember when they changed the water in WoW. Life-altering.

There’s also all the usual tweaks to the balance of weapons and ships. This is all setting up for the Citadel expansion early next year, which promises to “reconstruct the very foundations of the famous sci-fi universe and transform the sandbox game design it is built on.” Ooo-er.