Eve Online ship browser isn’t called ISIS any more; decision “nothing to do” with terrorists

Eve Online

A couple of years ago, CCP introduced the Interbus Ship Identification System to Eve Online – a menu tree which showed all of the ships potentially available to players. The tool helped, and still does help, pilots make sound decisions about skill training. But it was also acronymed, rather unfortunately, ISIS.

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It was labelled that way on the game’s UI – until very recently, when CCP renamed the system the self-explanatory ‘Ship Tree’. As with Downton Abbey’s similarly-named yellow labrador, however, the creators claim the caliphate didn’t influence the switch.

“Just to clarify, the renaming has nothing to do with ‘ISIS’ being a name used by any real life terrorist group,” wrote one CCP employee on the Eve Reddit. “I questioned Development about this when I saw the proposed name change internally, because if that was the reason then I was set to oppose it.”

The real reason, apparently, is that the acronym was too obscure for new players and might be a source of confusion. Which is reasonable enough: PC gaming is already drowning in unnecessary acronyms. Have you made use of the former ISIS to plan your path through Eve space?

Eve is prepping for its 2016 storyline with Operation Frostline, which will put plenty more ships in that browser.