EVE Online's Rhea update gives ships a makeover and introduces keyboard flight controls

EVE Online: Rhea

The sixth EVE Online mini-expansion, Rhea, left spacedock yesterday, introducing the manual flight controls beta, new wormhole systems and two unique ships among a lot of other things that suggest that these mini-expansions aren’t nearly as small as the name suggests.

Of the 100 new wormhole systems that have popped into existence is a specially one, says CCP. Thera is pretty massive, over 340 AU end to end, and contains four fully equipped stations and lots of entry points.

Along with all the new systems and diversions comes a fancy visual update and some UI changes that include the aforementioned keyboard ship control feature. EVE now has physically based rendering, making the multitude of ships flitting about the galaxy look all new and pretty.

Take a gander at the next page for the full patch notes. 

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Belimawr avatar
Belimawr Avatar
3 Years ago

keyboard controls is something I always felt the game needed as the indirect control is what always killed eve for me, guess if they end up working well I may go back to it.