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EVE Online's "This is EVE" trailer uses player voice comms to capture the MMO

EVE Online "This is EVE"

A couple of months ago, CCP put out a call to EVE Online players, asking them to submit voice comms for a secret project. At the end of the keynote at EVE Down Under in Sydney, CCP revealed how they’d used the player’s voices and experiences. 

EVE Online is a bit hard to describe, particularly in a trailer, but this is why CCP wanted the voice comms of fleets and players - to create a new trailer that shows off EVE in a way that professional voice overs or flashy cinematics alone can’t down. The end result is “This is EVE”, and you can direct your eyes towards it below. 

There’s a spot of swearing, so if you’re at work, you can watch the censored version.

Have you lovely lot got any trailer-worthy EVE Online stories?

EVE's next content update, Rhea, promises to be an interesting one, even including an opt-in beta for keyboard controls. It's due out on December 9th.

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Empyre avatarMrJinxed avatarxNuke avatarRavenHawk avatarGnug315 avatarr0a5k1ll avatar
Empyre Avatar
3 Years ago

Best trailer I have seen in a while.

MrJinxed Avatar
3 Years ago

CCP always were good at making trailers. Been a few years since I played last. I must admit that tempted me to go back a little bit.

xNuke Avatar
3 Years ago

This is brilliant. I've always liked Eve, but the sheer complexity of the game (and the fact I had no friends who played it) made me put it off.

Seeing this trailer just makes me want to pick it up again!

RavenHawk Avatar
3 Years ago

Yup. Plus there's no direction at all.

Sometimes that's a good thing. I had a blast with it so long as I kept setting myself new goals.

Eventually though I reached a point where I didn't know what to do with myself anymore. I had bad luck with corporations (EVE guilds) so I eventually became more of a loner mining on my own and then trading my goods in whatever system (within reasonable range) I could get the best prices.

So to get there I always had a next goal in mind. Get the next biggest mining vessel, next best cargo ship to cut down the amount of trips I have to take to sell my stuff, become friendly with my home station's NPC corporation so they take a smaller cut from refinery fees, etc.

Like I said, once I reached my last goal I didn't know where to set the new one and eventually lost interest.

I'm always tempted to go back though.

Gnug315 Avatar
3 Years ago

Awesome trailer. Do not have the time to compete :-/

r0a5k1ll Avatar
3 Years ago

watched it 5 times and its still making the hair on my arms stand up!