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Eve’s China-West server unification ‘held back’ by legal issues


CCP revealed that the Eve Online community in China is being held in separate servers from the rest of the world while they look for a ‘legal opportunity’ to unite them.

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The question over whether, or when, China would be able to play with the servers in the West was answered by developers CCP_Fozzie and Steven Clark at a panel during Eve Fanfest yesterday.

“At this point all we have is dreams,” said Fozzie after a Chinese fan asked when the company planned to unite the servers in a way that had been suggested during the previous day’s keynote speech.

“[Chinese server] Serenity is run by a third-party company and not through CCP and that’s due to the laws in place in China,” the lead designer went on to explain. “We essentially hand over the game to them and send them our patches, get feedback from them and stuff like that.”

Many developers of multiplayer titles that want to enter the Chinese market do so through an East-Asian publisher, such as Tencent or Nexon. These publishers often have rules regarding the access of servers outside of China dictated by national law.

“This dream is something that is hard to have happen, and we absolutely share that,” said fellow designer Steven Clark. “I think we would jump first time there is an opportunity for us to make that connection.

“We would be immediately trying to figure out the best way to do it but yeah, we’re kind of waiting for a legal opportunity to present itself.”