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EVE: Valkyrie receives ‘trench run’ Carrier Assault update, VR cross-play

EVE Valkyrie Carrier Assault

EVE: Valkyrie has had a storming launch and is set to have an even better summer after news from Fanfest today.

The VR-enabled dogfighting offshoot of the main EVE Online game will be receiving cross-play support between all consumer VR units, including the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR.

On top of that, a free update is being released introducing a new game mode, Carrier Assault, which sees swarms of fighters attempting to whittle away at the defenses of a massive Carrier vessel.

The climax of such a battle is a Star Wars-esque ‘trench run’, as executive producer Owen O’Brien described it on stage, to destroy the core.

Cross-play, and the Carrier Assault update, will arrive at an unspecified date in the future, assumedly once all three versions of the game have shipped for their respective headsets.

You can see footage of a Carrier Assault below: