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Eve Vanguard gets massive update with new map and weapon mechanics

Eve Vanguard shares the same universe as space behemoth Eve Online, and it's just gotten a new update with the 11 day Solstice event.

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If the huge space-faring battles of Eve Online aren’t your thing, but you’re still fascinated by the lore of the 21-year-old game, then sci-fi FPS Eve Vanguard could be the ideal entry point for you. It’s set in the same universe, but is much more grounded, placing you in the boots of a warclone sent to conquer planets by fighting on their surfaces. It’s still in early development, but it’s getting a massive update that adds a new map and an adaptive weaponry system.

The upgrades coming to Eve Vanguard‘s weapons will allow you to tweak your guns to best suit your playstyle. You’ll find various chipsets scattered throughout maps, and be able to mix and match them to switch between the different modes they enable.

You can test these mechanics out on the FPS game‘s new map, a beautiful and stunning planetary world. It contains “an archipelago with the wreck of a starship, other-worldly flora, and polluted waters,” so be prepared for anything out there.

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Also coming to the game is the Solstice event. It takes place from today, Thursday June 20, until Monday July 1. During this 11 day period you’ll be able to play the game 24/7, so get stuck in. The event features new objectives for you to complete during matches, such as “locating, defending, and looting Secured Salvage sites as well as completing Mining Rights in which you call down and exploit powerful mining vehicles while duking it out with other squads.”

Eve Vanguard is currently in such early development that the game isn’t even on Steam, you have to download it from its website, right here. You can also see all the information about the Solstice event there.

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