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MMO spinoff EVE Vanguard shows off 2024 roadmap with big updates

EVE Vanguard is an FPS set in the juggernaut MMO’s universe and the next few months have been outlined in a brand new roadmap and video.

MMO spinoff EVE Vanguard shows off 2024 roadmap with big updates: Two fighters in EVE Vanguard aim weapons on a hostile planet.

It’s been several months since EVE Vanguard was first announced and it’s already made waves in ways its predecessors, like Dust 514, didn’t quite manage to do. The EVE Online spinoff has held several playtests and betas, accessible to players who subscribe to the main game. Each time the game’s become available to fans it’s been a quiet success, with feedback erring on the positive. Now, the next few months have been detailed on the road to a wider Steam Early Access release.

The first thing to note is that EVE Vanguard will be entering a brand new era. Titled the Solstice Era, this is the term developer CCP is using to encapsulate several updates which will deploy into the FPS game over the coming months, culminating in a larger patch which will arrive in November. This follows the recent Solstice Event which just ended on Monday July 1 which added a new map, objectives, weaponry, and more to the game.

For the coming months players who have access to EVE Vanguard will see several improvements, aimed at deepening core gameplay as well as increasingly intertwining the FPS and its parent MMO. One of these deepened connections will be through contraband which will provide an economic link between the two games. Player agency will be enhanced with greater control over where you deploy along with more engaging areas to explore. Progression and player rewards will be overhauled and enhanced, and there’ll be new stuff to craft, PvP activities to get involved in, and emergent events which pop up planetside.

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The biggest news from this roadmap, however, is that there’ll be a huge update coming in November and following that the game will head to Steam Early Access. There’s no indication just yet of exactly when that’ll happen, other than it’s expected to be after November 2024.

The July roadmap for EVE Vanguard.

If you’re a member of the EVE Vanguard Founders’ Program, you can take part in testing these updates and you’ll be able to have your say about how the game’s developing. Learn more over here, and check out the most recent CCP Directors’ Letter for July 2024 here.

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