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Become a recruitment mercenary with the EVE Online Recall Program

EVE Online Recall Program

Space can be a lonely place: it’s big, most of it is empty of things larger than a particle and no one can hear you scream. If you’re an EVE Online player, and you lost a beloved wingman whose witty banter you miss, or you long for the days when you used to play games of cat and mouse with a wiley nemesis, you can now bribe them back into the game.

CCP has set up a Recall Program, allowing pilots, tycoons, miners and CEOs to send invites to a lapsed players, giving them seven days of free game time, potentially netting themselves rewards in the process. 

Players can create a unique URL, send it to their gone but not forgotten chums, and they’ll be able to come back and play for seven days. 

If the returning players becomes a subscriber once more, their pal that recalled them can earn in-game rewards, including PLEX and items. The rewards change each month, and players can send out three invites every month. So there are plenty of reasons to pester your ex-EVE buddies. I’m sure they’ll love you for it. 

You can start begging folk to come back right now.  

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pxrunes avatarToxicFyre avatar
pxrunes Avatar
4 Years ago

if you guys recall with my link you get 200.000.000 ISK from me as a present :)

ToxicFyre Avatar
3 Years ago

Suuuuure. I don't trust you.