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Burn Jita 2 turns Eve Online’s most populous system into a warzone. Again.


Early this morning, four Battlecruisers flying Goonswarm colours, flanked by their Clusterfuck Coalition comrades, closed in on a six billion ISK Golem and blew it to smithereens. It was only the most expensive explosion in a long series to rock high-sec space since Burn Jita 2 began on Saturday.

Over the course of the weekend, the Clusterfuck Coalition (CFC, a group headed by regular game-shakers Goonswarm) and Test Alliance Please Ignore (TEST, an alliance of like-minded corporations brought together by the common need to blow others up for fun) led an incursion into what is ordinally one of Eve’s safest and busiest systems.

Working together, the invaders used a combination of destroyers and battlecruisers to throw the game’s most populous trade hub into chaos. Despite defence efforts led by Thorn Alliance and Noir. Mercenary Group, a Goonswarm private killboard revealed on Sunday morning that over 375 billion ISK-worth of ships had been destroyed.

Like last summer’s original Burn Jita event, this weekend’s assault had been planned for months in advance by members of Goonswarm and their allies.

Goonswarm Miniluv director Powers Sa told The Mittani that “the actual process [of planning] was pretty easy”. After that, the CFC began buying up the ships that would enable this weekend’s events – namely Brutixes, versatile Battlecruisers which proved relatively easy to source.

“Well conveniently enough, lots of money bag investor types had been hoarding cheap Brutixes for battlecruiser teiricide,” said Powers Sa. “So, when the battlecruiser mineral changes went through, things like Brutixes went up in cost and we happened to be able to buy them at a discount, en masse.”

While T2 guns “had to be sourced from all over”, destroyers were similarly easily purchased.

Were you privy to any of this weekend’s events? We’d love to hear some first-hand accounts of precisely how the flames curved and licked at the system’s very foundations. We’re a bit awful like that.

Thanks to The Mittani.