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Capital: Eve Online fares well in sci-fi spaceship size comparison chart

Precisely how titanic is a Titan? It’s this question, among many others asked over half a century of terribly large ships in films and games, that deviant artist DirkLoechel seeks to answer with a big old chart. It’s the kind you might find on the bedroom wall somebody who’ll inevitably go on to be a Duncan Jones or a Chris Roberts or a Buzz Aldrin, and it’s marvellous.

The lower end of the spectrum is populated partly by the ships of Eve’s meddling Gallente Federation. The Iterion 4-class industrial ship is a tiny 280 metres long (280m), and out-lengthed by both the Exequror-class cruiser at 412m, and the Iterion 5-class industrial ship at 1097m.

The Gallente Federation’s largest showing is the Moros-class dreadnaught - a relatively squat 3207m. That’s beaten out by Mass Effect’s Destroyer-class Reapers, approximately 5000m tall - they’re measured in portrait, naturally.

Once we move onto the Titans, however, Eve begins to rival the sci-fi greats. The Erebus measures in at 14764m - nearly 5000 metres longer than Mass Effect superweapon The Crucible.

The Minmatar Republic’s Ragnarok-class titan, meanwhile, drifts in at 18127m, about equivalent to Star Wars’ Eclipse-class super star destroyer - though is rather less imposing for its lack of bulk. But largest by a several-hundred-metre nose appears to be the Caldari State’s Leviathan, at 18714m.

Even the Leviathan is threatened by some of the entries from the Warhammer 40k universe, and nobody in sci-fi history has quite matched the ludicrous chrome ginormity of Independence Day’s mothership, which takes up a hugely impractical 24,000m. How do they get about that thing? Segways? Airport conveyor belts?

You’ll want to check out the embiggened, zoomable version, so follow the deviantart link.

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4 Years ago

That would make a brilliant poster.