CCP assemble Dust 514’s player-run War Council


One of the most fascinating facets of Eve Online, at least for outsiders, is its Council of Stellar Management (CSM) – the player board given a voice and an industry-unprecedented amount of impact in the game’s continuing development. Now CCP are working on something similar for Eve’s shootier sibling – a something they’re tentatively calling the Dust 514 War Council.

“We came to the conclusion that the best group of people to help design the future of this player run organization, which we have yet to officially name, was the players themselves.”

That’s the voice of CCP Dolan, community rep and CSM liaison. He’s asked Dust’s Development and Community Teams to submit a list of names, featuring the most “helpful, active and knowledgeable” community members.

“Representatives from the DUST 514 teams and I will be sitting down and interviewing these candidates to try and identify the best fits,” wrote Dolan. “We will then be looking at all of these interviews and selecting a council to make up the very first beta version of the War Council.”

The newly appointed assembly will work closely with CCP to establish a voting system for players, and will advise on upcoming game features. What’s more, the War Council will be required to work alongside Eve’s CSM to determine the best interests of both interconnected games.

Dolan added: “As this is a beta version of the council, we ask the community as a whole to be tolerant with any growing pains that the council will no doubt experience.”

In the near future, CCP will announce more details about the length of terms council members will serve, how many will sit at once, and the possibility of future summits. Gosh, founding new governments is hard work. How would you like to be represented?

Thanks to The Mittani for this one.