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CCP is a backer of VR headset Oculus Rift, CEO Hilmar Veiger is looking forward to seeing “what our teams come up with”


CCP have joined a raft of talented developers now actively working to support absurd piece of virtual reality future-kit the Oculus Rift in their games. Already filling this raft to its rafters are John Carmack, Gabe Newell, Cliff Bleszinski, CEO of Unity David Helgason and Notch, if he can persuade Jeb to implement it in Minecraft.

“CCP is now a backer of @Oculus3D,” said CCP CEO Hilmar Veiger on Twitter. “Really look forwards to getting some units and see what our teams come up with.”

Veiger’s comments suggest that CCP haven’t yet reached R&D stage with the Rift,so for now we’ll indulge in our own depth-of-field effect and watch as the future stretches out before us in a game we like to call Speculation. Dust 514’s PS3 exclusivity likely puts paid to any chance of Rift integration without both Sony and Oculus’ backing, while World of Darkness remains a rumour of a whisper about a shadow of a shade, and thus beyond our soothsaying.

Which leaves us with Eve. Expect to be steering your ships from behind a VR headset at some point further down the line.