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CCP reveals Project Legion; a "reimagining" of Dust 514 on PC

Project Legion

CCP has just revealed Project Legion at this year’s Fanfest. It’s a free to play, first person shooter on the PC which will tie into the EVE Universe. You can compete with other players for loot, and even have opportunities to “betray your friends”. The line between friends and foe will blur as you go deeper into null-sec.

Building upon their knowledge with DUST 514, CCP aims to provide an improved experience with Project Legion. CCP Shanghai have been working on it for the past few months.

"When I came to CCP several months ago, it was to fulfill a vision that was our goal since DUST 514 was first announced: Merge a deep sandbox experience with an FPS in New Eden, to create a massive living world more meaningful as real life. As the team and I worked on that vision, we came to understand the effort centered around four pillars." said CCP Frame. "We had to build the right ecosystem incorporating a fun and balanced competitive shooter; player vs. environment allowing for emergent behaviors; a player-driven economy that is distinctly CCP; and deep immersion that brings it all together."

"We also feel that, to do this right, we need to do it on the PC platform first."

It will be a free to play game with a focus on accessibility, something that has a notorious reputation within EVE Online. Players will use the starmap to scan the universe for "loot, battles and Guristas-sponsored tournaments". With valuable commodities for grabs, players will have to make meaningful choices to come out on top.

"Let's start with the loot. I didn't want to add drones simply to have AI to shoot at; instead we tried to find a way to make that meaningful. That's when the idea of scavenging emerged." explained CCP Frame. "What if the loot being dropped is gear that the other players and reclaimer drones (which, by the way, are cool so long as you don't get too close!) are fighting for in "open" scavenging grounds? In High-Security space the loot is more basic and the drones less aggressive, but in Low-Security the stakes get higher.  As all those in New Eden know, with greater risk comes greater reward. So in lowsec, with CONCORD nowhere to be found, the line between friend and foe becomes very blurry – you and I might team up to go after better loot against more powerful drones… but you won't shoot me in the back and steal my stuff, right?"

CCP are going to be heavily consulting fans during Project Legion's development. There's no set release date, and Project Legion isn't the final name for the new PC shooter.

We’ll have more info soon in the form of an interview with Executive Producer of DUST 514, JC Gaudechon (CCP Rouge), but here’s some screenshots to tide you over:

Project Legion Menu

Project Legion

Project Legion

Project Legion

Addtional reporting by Steve Hogarty

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nu1mlock avatarDog Pants avatarBelimawr avatarstrifelord34 avatar
nu1mlock Avatar
3 Years ago

Well, give us more information! I played Dust 514 for an hour or two once and I liked what I saw. Well, I saw the potential. Using a controller messed everything up (I didn't have access to a mouse and keyboard at the time).

I've always wondered why they never released Dust 514 on PC (except for having a Sony exclusive contract, which seemed weird in itself since MS wouldn't let them use their own servers etc.).

I heard that one reason (except the contract) was because they didn't want their EVE players to drop because of it. The thing is, the game wouldn't go much into EVE territory but instead the FPS territory. Obviously. Instead, it would bring friends together. Friends playing EVE could finally play with friends playing FPS-games that weren't into EVE themselves. That's great! Except, not on the PS3.

Oh well, none of that matters now when we're finally getting a superior Dust 514-ish version. I like.

Belimawr Avatar
3 Years ago

but they did link Dust up with the main EVE servers and had it so fights could change what was happening on contested planets and such, to the point where the player ships in the PC game could even nuke the planet.

Dog Pants Avatar
3 Years ago

I'll be watching this with interest. I always liked the sound of Dust 514.

strifelord34 Avatar
3 Years ago

it is a definite replacement for dust. Just a few re-skins for the guns.