Dust 514 Uprising trailer shows off cross-platform orbital strikes from EVE Online


This is what it looks like when you fire a gun so huge that it destroys stuff not only in other games, but on other games platforms. Dust 514’s orbital strikes are called in by players on PS3 before being launched by real human beings in EVE Online, which is demonstrated here in this nifty Dust 514 Uprising trailer. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll grip your monitor with both hands as the strikes fall, imploring the Dust 514 player to just look up for one second and check out the fiery EVE Online heavens from whence these orbital strikes have come.

Also worth pointing at and hmming over is how the big baddie ship that gets destroyed in EVE Online then shows up as a smouldering wreck on Dust 514’s horizon. Integration! We patiently await news of the PS3 shooter’s intention to slink on to PC.

Thanks, VG247.