EVE Inferno 1.1 patch delayed


The 1.1 patch for EVE Inferno, set to bring a range of changes, updating shader models on Minmatar ships, improving the Drake model and adding a load of clothes to the Noble Exchange, has been delayed by CCP because  “we became aware of issues which would have resulted in a less than optimal game experience for our players.” It sounds like a simple enough problem, “mostly fallout from code cleanup work we’ve been working on for the past weeks and caused specific models not to render.” Although having some ships just not appear would certainly have been game breaking.
As of now, there isn’t a new date for the release, although “we don’t expect the delay to last long, but we’d rather be safe than sorry and will announce a new deployment time when we’ve fixed the issues encountered.” This is all from a community forum post by CCP. The patch notes can be found here, where you can peruse all the changes, and get a little sad that you can’t pick up a ghastly urban camo vest all for yourself for another few days.