Eve Online Alliance Tournament X sets up their biggest ship combat competition yet


Eve’s Alliance Tournament X (the X makes it sound cool) is a few weeks away from setting 64 teams against each other in a violent space megabiff, and the Eve Blog has details on the tournie’s schedule and commentators. Everything from the qualifying rounds to the final hull breach will be broadcast.

Over three week’s of space battles awaits those with the patience to watch the tourney unfold, as the 64 teams thin each other out. In fact, if you check out owned.tv right now, they’re hosting footage of previous Alliance tournaments to get people in the mood for the live, competitive space battles.
Expect the usual duplicitous tactics as the prizes for the winners are specially designed tournament steeds from the CCP team:
“The Osprey hull is Etana. The name is drawn from the same branch of mythology as the Gallente Ishtar and the AT8 Utu, and has a nice connotation with some ancient Caldari-Gallente history involving Caldari Prime. This variant, which is the first prize, is a pioneering logistics ship with the added capacity to fit a covert ops cloak along with some very powerful skill bonuses.
“The Merlin hull is Cambion. The name comes from a half-demonic entity which ties in nicely in with the description of a crazy, fiery rocket brawler with mad overheating bonuses plus it’s believed that the Merlin of wizard fame was either a Cambion or descended from one.”
I hope they get Rutger Hauer in to commentate, again. He did such a good job the previous time.