EVE Online corp CEO makes off with more than 400 billion ISK


Today the CEO of Space Monkey’s Alliance, a major alliance in EVE Online, robbed his own collective blind, making off with currency and assets totalling more than 440 billion ISK.

In an open letterSpace Monkey’s CEO EX Loft, AKA Alisonia, wrote “I was spending needless hours on something that was pointing SMA into the direction of NOWHERE [so…] Tonight I stole about 220B+ worth of assets, this on top of what I had already taken. The total comes to around 440B in assets.

Loft continues, “after about a year and a half this idea came to me to steal as much in assets as I could. At first I only stole small amounts of assets to test the waters. Eventually leading to stealing Tech, capital ships and more. If I had to guess 200Bish since I started. I want to go through my logs and figure it maybe more. I mean why steal it in a bulk (one-time) when you can milk the cow.”

The Mittani was able to get confirmation of the heist from the Space Monkey’s Alliance, their statementsaid “Spacemonkey’s Alliance [SMA] is confirming today that one of it’s Alliance Directors and a real-life friend of the brothers that run SMA executed a plan to rip off the alliance. Alisonia spent more than a year growing SMA and, for all appearances, executed a long planned theft.


“A few months ago he was promoted to Director for his service providing not only IT but in-game help without ever asking for compensation or a position. This was a betrayal of trust, not of data or pixels. We have been told that he will be quitting EVE and that he “wanted to go out with a bang”.

If that’s the case, that Loft plans on leaving the game, that means all those assets may well sit unused in an account somewhere, essentially being obliterated from the EVE economy. Something the Space Monkey’s can’t be too chuffed with.