EVE Online immortalised in cake form


Games being created in cake form is nothing new but I will be damned if I ever stop posting about them. The latest marvel comes from Baltimore-based Charm City Cakes (yeah, the makers of The Wire somehow managed to neglect to feature a cake subplot – though, to their credit, they did have one about flower arranging), who have created a Gallente space station entirely out of edible matter.

Check out more pictures of it below.

Crafted by one of Charm City Cake’s artists, Elena Fox, as a birthday gift it’s difficult to gauge scale from this image. Though let’s assume that it’s to 1:1 scale to feed some sweet dreams.

Still, the honour of the best game-themed cake is still tightly held by Confetti Cakes’ Lego: Batman masterpiece:

Cheers, When Geeks Wed Cakes.

I’d like it noted that I managed to get through the entire article about cakes without saying “looks good enough to eat”, “a piece of cake”, or “let them eat cake”. Note it!