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EVE Online interactive timeline to show major events in game’s history


Whether a player of Eve or not those who know of the game largely learned of it through its stories. It may have been a friend telling them about a midnight raid in nulsec that saw them tricking an enemy corp into launching into an ambush, or reading an article about an alliance leader robbing his own friends of billions of ISK. Compelling stories bubble up from the mechanics of this emergent space MMO.

Recognising this, Eve’s developer CCP have created an interactive timeline that will be populated with the major stories of the game’s decade long history.

Currently the only points on the timeline are nuggets of lore – how colonists discovered New Eden, the game’s setting, and so on – but CCP plan on feeding in other points on the graph, ones more human in origin.

These stories will come from Eve’s True Stories initiative, a place where players can pen their exploits. The stories that involve the largest number of players or influenced the game’s universe the most are likely to be picked up and threaded into the timeline.

CCP haven’t yet announced which stories will be appearing but it is likely we’ll see entries for The Battle of Asakai (which saw 3,000 players maul each other in one of the largest single conflicts seen in the game) and, possibly too, a memorial to Sean ‘Vile Rat’ Smith, the member of CCP’s Council of Stellar Management who was killed while working for the US government in Libya.

Cheers, VG247.