Eve Online: Odyssey announced; will have you unearth the secrets of New Eden


Odyssey is the newly announced expansion pack to CCP’s space MMO, EVE Online. Not content with already having a vast universe for their players to battle over, Odyssey will take all that space already in the game and enrich it with secrets for capsuleers to search out with their new exploration systems.

That’s not the only change the expansion will bring to the table, mind.

While details are still scant, the just launched website that tying into the Odyssey expansion points to a few new features planned for the expansion, which is currently aiming for a 4 June release date.

First off is the Discovery Scanner. This little device will apparently allow more players to “reveal the hidden secrets of the Eve Universe”. I’m picturing 50s-style X-ray specs that will set up on the nose of your ship.

There are also changes coming to the spacescape of New Eden, with CCP going through a number of the game’s star systems rebalancing their status as nulsec and high sec. Sounds as though some old familiar haunts may soon be the province of NPC police while some of the previously safe zones will be getting a visit from the pirates.

While CCP have given no firm details on what changes will be coming, they do also mention that there will be alterations to the game’s UI and player-owned stations.

Perhaps most intriguing, yet also vague, is one subheading on the page titled War Machines. It states simply that “Forged by the lessons learned from countless combat pilots, the four factions will issue forth with the latest tools of war and re-designs of old favorites – ships as awe-inspiring as they are deadly.” Tantalising, nay?

We’ll be learning a lot more about what this next expansion entails over the coming months so stay on those tenterhooks.