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EVE Online: PLEX Activation Codes kill off EVE Time Codes and usurp their position

EVE Online PLEX Activation Codes

EVE Time Codes are a thing of the past, CCP announced today. ETCs have been sold by various outlets for a good long time, but they’ve declined in use thanks to PLEX. Since ETCs and PLEX basically served the same core purpose, giving more game time, CCP are doing away with ETC to make things less confusing. EVE? Less confusing? Madness. 

From the start of this month, CCP began distributing PLEX Activation Codes to partners instead of ETCs. PACs enable pilots to purchase PLEX, between 1 and 28 on the account management screen. And the cost will be the same as the price of PLEX sold by CCP itself. 

A 1-PLEX code will be the same as a 30-day ETC, but since PLEX can be sold on the in-game market, it can end up being used for a lot more than just increasing game time. Amazon, Gamersgate and Steam will sell PACs, along with a slew of other outlets. You can check out the full list here.

PACs can be used with trial accounts, to resubscribe and to extend game time. And while ETCs will no longer be distributed, any purchased prior to their discontinuation may still be used.

And with that, I never want to see another acronym in my life.