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EVE Online video tells you the Dumb Ways to Die in New Eden


There are many ways to die in New Eden, I’m discovering new ones every day. But in this lovely parody of an Australian Metro safety video we’re introduced to some of the more eccentric methods. There are loads of references to EVE’s long history of colossal player fuck ups in there to be enjoyed, not least of which jumping your corporation’s vastly titan class ship into the centre of one of the game’s largest battles.

The song was written and performed by Sindel Pellion, an EVE player and frequent (excellent) parody songwriter, and the video was created by Rixx Javix, an EVE player known for making promotional posters for the game.

The EVE Dumb Ways to Die song is a parody of the Australian Metro’s safety music video, itself called Dumb Ways to Die:

Cheers, Game Skinny.