Eve Online’s Holiday Celebration Trailer is fairly barmy, as these things go


The thirteen Icelandic Yule Lads are giving out holiday themed items to Eve players on December 20 and December 27 as part of the game’s new Redemption update. What are the Yule Lads, I hear you ask, and what exactly do they have to do with Eve Online, with snowball launchers and with fireworks? I wish I could say that the video after the break provides a rational explanation for all this, but I just think it’ll baffle you further.

So there you go, Icelandic folklore has thirteen Yule Lads who are traditionally rather mischievous fellows and who are now (somehow) involved in distributing presents to people in space.

Yule Lads not depicted in this video inlcude Spoon-Licker, who licks spoons, and Sheep-Cote Clod, a peg-legged fellow who harasses sheep.