EVE Twitch support engines are installed and ready to fire up

EVE Online Twitch

EVE Online players can now start broadcasting the greatest show in the universe. The spacefaring MMO now has integral support for Twitch.tv, meaning you can now stream your intergalactic adventures to an adoring public on your Twitch channel without the need for pesky and fiddly 3rd party software. 

Getting started with EVE’s Twitch system is incredibly simple, but for those who need a little guidence some excellent steps are available on the EVE Online community website. But the basis of it is that you simply throw your Twitch username and password into the fields in the new section of the Social tab, and you’re pretty much ready to stream.

The question now is just what to stream, but the answer to that may not just be the ‘anything and everything’ that applies to almost every other game. If you’re a high ranking official in one of EVE’s many massive corporations, you won’t want to stream anything that could reveal your group’s secrets or plans. If you are an EVE pro though, perhaps consider some live seminars on how to be a success, taking questions from your audience in real time.