First footage of orbital laser fire between Eve Online and Dust 514 emerges; exclamations abound


Never have so many synonyms of ‘Holy cow!’ been uttered with such sincerity. On Monday night, members of Subdreddit and pxrxo tested out inter-game orbital bombardment in Eve Online and Dust 514. There’s no footage from the ground as yet, but plenty of evocative Anglo-Saxon linguastics courtesy of the shared comms channel.

Here’s the ammo used, in chronological order:

EMP S – featuring a large blast radius that takes out shields (“Oh God.”)

Tactical Laser S – a small, high damage blast radius (“That was real.”)

Tactical Hybrid S – featuring a large blast radius and a slow strike time (“Holy scheiße.”)

A message in a bomb, from one game to the other. The future’s a wonderful place to live, isn’t it?