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GMG hack: EVE timecards for £12.75 means cheap PLEX for space-pilots


We may be in an constant economical crisis on earth, but all the way in New Eden pilots are feeling the galactic strain on their wallets as well. Fear not my space brethren: we’ve figured out a way to get slightly more PLEX for your cash, via Green Man Gaming’s consistent gift card promotions.

Here’s how it works: Green Man Gaming sell time codes at the standard price of £16.99 for 30 days and £29.99 for 60 days. However using their Hot Deals discount code you can receive a 25% off digital purchases. This slashes the price down to £12.75 and £22.50 respectively, which is cheaper than just about anywhere else.
But how do you turn this hot deal into in-game ISK? Thanks to this easy EVE support article, the whole thing is a walk in the palk. A 30 day code will net you one PLEX while a 60 day code will net you two. PLEX’s are currently worth around 580,000,000 ISK each at the time of writing. Which is a lot of ISK.
I’ve pasted the discount code below, it’s active until November 9th.