House of shards: Eve: True Stories issue #1 now free to download

CCP are also at work on a TV series based on Eve player exploits.

CCP have always profited from retellings of the back channel politics and backstabbings of Eve Online – but never so directly as this. Eve: True Stories is a series of graphic novels produced by Dark Horse, based on player-driven events in the game’s history – and its first issue is free.

Issue #1 is named Thieves Among Us, and concerns the fall of the player alliance known as the Band of Brothers – “one of the greatest gaming stories of the last decade”.

In 2009, Band of Brothers discovered that one of their directors was in fact a high-up for one of their greatest and most infamous rivals – GoonSwarm. Their five-year-old empire promptly collapsed, and it’s these events that Dark Horse have dramatised.

Written for the page by Wolverine: Origins/Deadpool scribe Daniel Way and drawn by Daredevil Noir’s Tomm Coker, it’s been given the quality Marvel treatment (albeit via a different publisher) – and is now available as a free download from Dark Horse Digital, or via the Dark Horse Android and iOS apps.

Thieves Among Us will be followed by future digital issues on March 5, March 19 and April 2. The plan is to cover some of Eve’s key player-driven events between May 2003 and May 2013 – its first decade. A hardback edition, containing all four comics, will go on sale in book stores on June 4.

Expect Burn Jita, naturally – but I’m holding out for the story of the Eve spy named Totally Not Judas who blew the CEO of his own corp into space-smithereens. That was a good’un. How about you? Do you have a favourite Eve tale?