Macabre map shows real-time kills in EVE Online

EVE Online real-time kill map

For all of EVE’s player-run economic and poltical systems, it’s also a gargantuan battlefield, where ships are blasting each other into space debris every where at any time. It’s a dangerous universe out there, and this 3D map revels in all of these deaths.

The zKillboard map highlights all the conflict areas, split into New Eden, Wormholes, Nul, Lowsec and Highsec along with revealing the players involved, linking you to their zKillboard page. There’s a lot of killing going on right now, which makes me glad I’m in the safety of my flat instead of a ship.

Each little blip represents not only loss of life, but potentially the loss of valuable cargo and an expensive ship. When I played EVE years ago, I always subscribed to the philosophy of not flying anything I couldn’t afford to lose, but that didn’t make any failed firefight easier to swallow, especially if I was hauling cargo.

One imagine’s this map could be convenient when planning routes and trying to avoid any dangerous situations, or alternatively if you are looking to get in on some of that hot laser and missile action.