The Mittani explains how the south was lost in an exhaustive account of the Fifth Delve War


This summer Eve Online witnessed the Fifth Delve War – the sort of large-scale, player-organised conflict other MMOs can only dream of, fought over blocs in the galactic southwest – namely Delve, Querious and Period Basis. More than 50,000 characters were involved in either the assault on the southwestern territories, conducted by CFC and the Honey Badger Coalition, or the defence, led by Against All Authority and a variety of allies forced to raise pitchforks to protect their homes (SoCo). Goonswarm spymaster and Sun Tzu figure The Mittani claims that CFC and HBC spies have assembled “an impressive archive of data showing exactly how the SoCo failed”, and has proceeded to outline just that, in exquisite detail, in a new post.

The entire account can be found here, and reads like a potted history of pre-world war escalation in early 20th century Europe.

Highlights include this assessment of communication breakdown in the SoCo war room: “The leaked Skype logs of the SoCo command channels makes it clear that the SoCo not only failed to have a coherent command structure to coordinate ops, but that they specifically avoided creating one out of hubris, stating that they ‘don’t need a Mittani’.

“These Skype logs are fascinating, as they show the highest level of a coalition at war squabbling like children, even though tens of thousands of pilots are relying on them for leadership and the defense of their homes,” added Mittani.