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Motion sickness isn't a problem in Eve Valkyrie, say CCP: "It works out super nicely"

Eve Valkyrie

CCP CEO Hilmar Pétursson lives and works in Iceland. Eve Valkyrie, his studio’s latest project, is in the works in Newcastle. That doesn’t necessarily make him the best person to tell you about the day-to-day twists and turns of development - but he is distant enough to judge the effects of its 3D virtual reality for nausea. And he’s confident that the dogfighting spectacular won’t need to be bundled with a wastepaper basket on release.

Asked in a recent Wired interview whether motion sickness was a problem in Valkyrie, Pétursson replied unambiguously: “No, actually.”

“Many people dread motion sickness doing this,” he went on. “But what I think is, because you're in a spaceship sitting down and space is weightless, even though there would be [G-force] in space, you don't feel it as much as if it were an aeroplane. It works out super nicely.”

Pétursson pointed to another few advantages in Valkyrie’s battle against nausea - a “really good” frame rate, a “well thought out” UI, and an environment that’s “very open”, because it’s space.

“It's very natural,” he said. “It looks very realistic because you don't have a frame of reference. In a forest you’d see the difference between a computer generated forest and a real forest but in space it’s like, yeah, that's what it looks like.”

Space, for the record, looks like this: 

And according to our Tim, it plays like this.

CCP are still reticent about the idea of explicit integration between Eve Valkyrie and its parent game.

“We see all this interesting crossplay between EVE and Dust but it's also super involved to do that level of gameplay,” explained Pétursson. “With Valkyrie it's more focussed, simple, elegant, fast-paced and nimble. Starting with too much interconnectivity we didn't feel is the right way to harness the core experience.”

But he assured players that Valkyrie will “have an input into how we think about Eve” in the future. We’re talking near future, too - CCP are still on track to release Valkyrie this year. Can you get your head around that yet, without easy access yet to the tech required to play it?

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Robert Field avatar
Robert Field Avatar
1 Year ago

I'm afraid Mr. Pétursson is being optimistic here. I and two other guys spent the morning playing Eve Valkyrie at our office today. The machine is insanely powerful (we're a VFX studio, so the workstation has four 980TI graphics cards in it, as an example), and the Oculus Rift was the new, just released model. Game play was completely smooth and the experience was awesome - the game is super immersive.

Dogfights were a lot of fun... until we all got sick. Every single on of us felt nauseous after varying amounts of play time, and we've all abandoned the game. One person indicated that he is susceptible to motion sickness in a car, and another said it has happened to him but rarely. I personally got sick and I can say I rarely ever experience motion sickness (I even own a sailboat).

I'm afraid VR nausea continues to be the elephant in the VR room.

Edit: We let a forth guy play it. He felt sick for a few hours after playing. So Valkyrie is 4 for 4!