UPDATED: The EVE of war: CFC arms up and heads south into Delve against -A-


So Pandemic Legion decided to take a little trip south into Delve to pop some hulls and have a little fun. Boys will be boys, you know how it is. Then Test moves down to join in the fun, and Vera Cruse and Pengu come into to support Nulli, and all of a sudden you’ve got a minor fracas on your hands. Nothing to be worried about. 
Things have escalated, rather quickly. It’s war. Goonswarm, Test, Pandemic Legion, Evoke, RZR, Tasha and 99% are going up against Nulli, Vera, Pengu, -A-, Rol, Fail, Engarde, Gypsy, Solar and maybe even BL, in the largest Bloc war in a long while. EVE’s lazy truce has been broken, and the galaxy is going to be set ablaze. Or at least, the south east part of the galaxy.
UPDATE: And now TEST has only gone and done a pretty bloody professional propaganda video. Embedded below, for your viewing pleasure.

And for the most part, that’s all this was; escalation. Nulli managed to take out a titan while losing two supercarriers, and from that point on everyone just start mobilising. Pandemic Legion threw in a few more supers, words were exchanged, dares were issued, and suddenly the entire CFC was mobilising and heading south towards Delve. Against All Authorities lined up on the other side, and now you’ve got some battlelines drawn.
Like I said, it’s war. Big war. Supercapital war. There are going to be so many pretty explosions.
The big surprise is that Nulli is paying both Raiden and Init to fight for them, while Goonswarm (part of CFC) have pulled in Evoke through their Technetium alliance, which is making things look pretty dicy for both sides. The question is who can field the most Supercapitals at any one point, due to timezone differences and just who’s available when.
The way this has all turned from a minor scuffle into a giant aggressive expansion on the part of CFC and allies makes me think that this kind of conflict had been coming for a long time. EVE’s been crying out for a war, and now it’s going to get one.

The Mittani’s motivational speech to get Goonswarm to mobilise is quite the thing.