Watch the changing fortunes of Eve Online’s corporate empires

EVE Online Spaceships

The war within New Eden has been raging for a decade. Massive corporations go head to head over vast expanses of territory and assets. Some just like a good fight. Only this week, trillions of ISK were laid on the line after a corporation owner forgot to pay the rent. With 2013 now behind us, we can take a look into the very front lines of those skirmishes in a very pretty fashion. A video of last years battles has been stitched together into a beautiful time lapse, and you gotta see it.

It’s a magnificent sight to behold isn’t it. Huge empires can be snuffed out in less than a week, while other smaller factions emerge from the void only to threaten everything on the frontiers in a couple of months.

Kind of makes you want to join in, right?