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Watch this: an hour’s traffic through Eve’s busiest system

The view from a park bench in space.

If you’ve ever wondered why a certain segment of Eve players wanted to Burn Jita, well: here’s why. Jita is Eve’s most populous system – a hub of hubbub and life in the most lifelike MMO in existence.

Somebody recorded an hour of space traffic passing through Jita, and then sped it up a bit. The results are strange. A human aquarium.

Fish of all shapes and sizes pass through here, pirouetting and wobbling about, rarely if ever stopping – driven on by individual, unknowable purpose. A nearby planet turns, the only constant alongside a big steel jellyfish in the background.

It’s around here that four Goonswarm battlecruisers reduced a six billion ISK Golem to junk in April. But you wouldn’t know it, huh?